People always want to unleash the best versions of themselves. Besides wearing the best of clothes and accessories, colognes and perfumes have been the best friends we always rely on to perfectly describe our unique personalities. With the fast phasing lifestyle that we have where generations that are getting particular and conscious about their looks are getting younger, is there an appropriate time that we should start wearing perfume? This has been a question that is usually neglected because of the fact that perfumes are considered part of our daily living. But, is there a right age to start having their own perfume?

With the innovations in creating and developing perfumes nowadays, it is evident that various perfumes are suitable for every age and gender. From the days when wearing perfumes are only allowed to adults especially women, when some people do not like the idea of perfumes because of its strong smell, and when perfumes are only for the people with “high class”, perfumes at the present time abolished those ideas and continue to make perfumes that can cater to everyone. 

When is the Right Time?

Actually, there is no definite time to wear perfumes. Some prefer to have their babies use light-scented perfumes that match their natural smell. There are those teenagers who are looking for particular scents that can help them know more about themselves and what they always wanted. Some adults think that there’s a right time and place for a particular perfume, whether to impress the opposite sex or to unleash their oozing uniqueness. Fortunately, there’s a wide array of perfumes that you can choose from especially if you  use Fragrance 365. Because nowadays, perfumes are not only seen as a luxury but already a part of anyone’s identity. 

Some Perfumes and their Age Appropriateness


Generally, younger generations are more suitable for mild and sweet perfumes, usually with the aromas of lavender, powder, and flowers. Also, the names of popular celebrities is another factor why teenagers adore some perfumes. 

Women in 20’s

For this bracket, perfumes with concoctions of something sweet and pleasurable and happy are mostly preferred by them. Perfumes like Wild Child by Pinrose that is bewitchingly pleasurable and the fruity-floral aroma of Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui are some of the best choices for them.

Women in the late 30’s

These women are into fragrances that can make them feel good. For this, the best perfumes are those with flowery and powdery aromas, something that can make them smile and feel a good vibe. The flirty fruity scent of Poppy EDP by Coach, seductive Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace and the rich luxurious Night by Judith Leiber are some of the perfumes to choose from.

Women in the late 40’s

Gone are the days of flirty and sweet tweetums of younger days. At this point, one of the things that are essential to them is to always please their significant others despite their age. For this, the head-turning Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums, the strongly adorable aroma of Black Orchid by Tom Ford, and elegant Brit Sheer by Burberry are the best options. 

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