Bangkok has been one of the popular cities in South East Asia for various reasons. Besides its geographic location, this city from the world’s Land of Smiles is paving its way from other nations with its progressive lifestyle and economy through its massive infrastructure projects that create many opportunities not only in its locals but to the foreigners as well. Despite these various innovations, it still humbles itself by the ever hospitable people, its never-fading traditions and famous landmarks that always proud of itself. With these, Bangkok has seen as both a greener pasture and escape especially to the foreigners. This created a way for its commercial and residential real estate to become very demanding and booming in the region. 

Its residential property industry has been one of the dynamic aspects of this city, that is why it is essential especially for the foreign people to become meticulous if interested in investing in condominiums. If you want to buy thailand homes for sale online, it is important to evaluate and assess before fully deciding to avail condo units for buy-to-rent purposes.

Why Invest for Buy-to-Rent Condos in Bangkok

  1. Relative potentials in capital and value appreciation

While the newly-launched condo projects are impractically high due to its rising demand, the not-so-new projects are guaranteed to be cheaper, especially the resale condo from the secondary market. Despite its cheap prices, it also promised to provide great value especially in regards to the location, building quality, and yields on rental fees.

  1. Yields in rental and occupancy rates

The quite expensive occupancy rates in Bangkok’s condo units created rental yields up to 4 to 6 percent. Being the biggest urbanized city in Thailand, condos here will never be a waste of investment.

  1. Low rates in resale price and tax for rental income 

In spite of acknowledging the ownership of properties as wealth management in Thailand, it has very low tax rates especially in selling condo units. Another good news is that there are no strict rules or policies regarding the number of properties owned. 

Factors to Consider in Selecting Condos

  1. Location

Location is the first thing to consider in availing condos in Bangkok because the general demand along with the rental profit can be based on the condo’s location.

In this, foreign investors are encouraged to capitalize in the Central Business District (CBD) of the city or close to ensure that the occupancy rates are stabilized.

  1. How old the Condo is and its Maintenance

Despite the high demands in the real estate market, some condos depreciate because it was not properly maintained, along with the age. With this, the general in investing is to always consider the newer condos. With this, the management of the building must ensure that it always maintains especially the common areas of the units. 

  1. The developers of the condo

Nowadays, condo ownership is considered a status symbol, and a condo developed by famous developers is another plus factor. Established developers earned their good reputation by creating not only highly stylish condo units but also impressive facilities and the best of amenities.

  1. Type of unit

The specifications of the unit is another important matter to check before investing. The overall layout, along with the functionality and comfort must be ensured. 

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